Annular Eclips 2005 - Pozal de Gallinas, Spain

Oktober 3th, 2005. A wonderful experience!

Observed the Annular eclips in Spain, together with some members of the doublestar observersgroup S33.
Location: Near the small village Pozal de Gallinas in the province Valladolid.
Cloudless weather, a wonderful ambiance and a wonderful group...

See for more (and very good) pictures: - meeting 2005

My pictures (the compilation above and the one of totality below) were made with a simple digital camera handheld behind the eyepiece of my birdwatching scope.




Some members of the group on the observing location


My setup, Swarovski AT80 birdwatching scope + Baader solarfoil


Very impressive were the views at the Sun through H-alpha. A Coronado PST and a Zeiss Telementor with Coronado-filter were present at the meeting.
(photo: John Ryan)