Phase 0.92
Moonpicture with Canon 350D. Method is still simple: Handheld behind the eyepiece.

13 December 2005
Starfire (130mm f/6 APO) + 40mm Pentax + 2x Powermate


Some moonpictures taken with digital compact-camera (Medion MD2998).
The pictures are taken with the camera handheld behind the eyepiece. All pictures are single-frame.

First picture with Astro-Physics Starfire. This picture is very similar to the other "nearly-full-Moon" pictures but shows much more detail and sharpness (full picture is 190kb).

26 October 2004
Starfire (130mm f/6 APO) + 20mm TV plossl

Low above the horizon

June 1th 2004
MK67 (150mm f/12 MCT) + 30mm Ultima


The Clavius area

31 march 2004
CG11 (280mm f/10 SCT) + 15mm LV

The Sinus Iridum area

31 march 2004
CG11 (280mm f/10 SCT) + 15mm LV

Copernicus and the Carpates

31 march 2004
CG11 (280mm f/10 SCT) + 15mm LV


Around the Straight Wall

29 february 2004
CG11 (280mm f/10 SCT) + 20mm TV plossl

Half Moon in blue sky

29 january 2004
Swarovski AT80

Phase 0.44

28 december 2003
MK67 (150mm f/12 MCT) + 40mm Pentax XL


Phase 1.00

8 december 2003
GSO 80mm f/6 refr. + 15mm Vixen LV

Langrenius and Petavius

10 december 2003, MK67 + 20mm TV plossl.
Langrenius and Petavius with central peaks on terminator.


Phase 0.97

6 december 2003
GSO 80mm f/6 refr. + 20mm TV plossl

Hevelius and Cruger

6 december 2003, C11 + 25mm Vixen plossl.
Hevelius with central peak on terminator.
Another nice feature is the sunlit brim of crater Cruger, on the lower part of the picture.